Elaphite Islands Karaka Cruise

 Cruise with us on Karaka, the magnificent replica of a Dubrovnik Republic traditional merchant ship from the 16th century and explore the picturesque white-stoned towns of the Elaphite Islands, enriched with lush green pine-trees and clear blue sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea.


Indulge in beautiful local cuisine – a true delight for all your senses. The Elaphite Island Karaka cruise is one of the most wonderful ways to discover history while cruising on a warm summer day.

We sail to the island of Koločep, covered in a dense pine forest with a picturesque fishermen’s village lying along the bay.


We will continue to the village of Suđurađ on the island of Šipan, a fisherman’s port with a 16th century summer villa of the Skočibuha family. Our last stop will be the island of Lopud, which boasts a long maritime tradition and is a home to famous captains and sailors. We will take a Lungomare walk to the Franciscan Monastery and the 19th century Gjorgic-Mayneri Park, with enough free time for swimming at one of the sandy beaches.

Departure from hotel according to schedule


09:00 Departure from port Gruž

09:30 Arrival on Koločep island and free time

10:15 Boat ride to Šipan

10:45 Arrival on Šipan island and free time

12:30 Departure from Šipan and lunch on board 

13:15 Arrival and free time on Lopud Island

17:00 Departure from Lopud

18:00 Arrival at port Gruž  (from June 1st to August 20th)



From April 15th  to May 31st  and from August 21st  to 31st  departure from Lopud Island is at 16:30h and arrival at Gruž Port is at 17:30h. From September  01th to September 15th departures from Lopud Island are at 16:00h and arrival at Gruž port is at 17:00h. From Seprember 16th to October 15th , departures from Lopud Island are at 15:30h and arrival at Gruž port is at 16:30h


Included: boat cruise, tour escort, welcome drink, buffet lunch and one beverage

Note: It is recommended to wear casually and bring hat, swimsuit, camera, sunscreen and towel

Lunch: Dalmatian smoked ham, cheese, salad of roasted vegetables, pasta with chicken and white sauce, grilled fish fillets, grilled chicken fillets with potato salad and seasonal salad, fresh seasonal fruit


  1. Dubrovnik