Dubrovnik Legends

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 Old Town Walls, Fort Lovrijenac, Fort Bokar, Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace... All the places that Dubrovnik is known for. But is Dubrovnik just that? Is everything revealed at first sight? Isn’t there more depth to Dubrovnik?

Yes there is! Explore Dubrovnik in a different way - through its legends.

Learn of the Lovrijenac Fort curse, defence against invaders and about the Freemasons Secret Society, which was developing alongside the Illuminati Society. Hear the story about St. Blaise, the protector of Dubrovnik, and visit the sight of Dead Bell to learn about its significance. Discover Dubrovnik’s hidden gem locations, places known by its beauty that only locals know about. Enjoy getting to know Dubrovnik a bit differently than other visitors do.

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21:00 Departure from Pile Gate

21:20 Arrival at Old city granary

21:40 Exploration of abandoned monastery and southern walls

22:00 Discovering hidden gem locations

22:20 Exploration of ruins – main excavation sight

22:40 Sightseeing in harbour passage – old city harbour

22:50 Exploration of cathedral ruins. End of tour.

* time schedule may vary due to the level of crowdedness 


Included: Professional guide


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