Dubrovnik Walking Tour

''Those who seek paradise on Earth should come and see Dubrovnik'' George Bernard Shaw once said. Dubrovnik is situated on the Southern Croatian Adriatic coast built in the 7th century by the Roman tribe. Just like in the old days, Dubrovnik is the most important port of call on the Adriatic coast, visited by numerous cruise ships on daily basis.
The old Mediterranean jewel is encircled by strong defence wall whose beauty never fades. Dubrovnik used to be strong city-republic with a rich history that you will learn on this tour, conducted by a licensed local guide with wide knowledge in art and history.  Tour starts from Pile Gate and takes you down the narrow allies to the main street Stradun.
As we explore the Old city the streets will take us to Europe’s first orphanage, the second oldest pharmacy in the World, Orlando’s column and Rector’s palace. We will not fail to stop and admire the beauty of the Cathedral or beautiful main square Luza.
Prijeko street will leave you breathless with its decorated facades, balconies and one of the symbols of the Old Town – steps!

Join our walking tour and let us tell you stories about Dubrovnik we learnt growing up here!

This is not how you had it in mind? Contact us and we will arrange the tour according to your ideas!



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